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'Jeopardy' Contestant Causes Chaotic Tech Issues For Viewers

Photo: Getty Images

Wednesday was a big day for Jeopardy as the show's permanent hosts were announced - Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. The pair has been taking turns guest hosting the show, but they will now officially share the position behind the podium. However, more headlines were made during the game that night.

Ken hosted the program which saw two-day winner Ed Coulson face off against challengers Mark Stover and Alexa Jakob. All three seemed pretty innocent but Alexa, an electrical engineer from Queens, New York, caused plenty of problems. That's because there are millions of Jeopardy viewers out there with an Amazon smart speaker that tends to respond when it hears the name "Alexa." Since contestants on Jeopardy respond in the form of a question, you can imagine the chaos caused every time Ken called on Alexa and she answered with a question.

Plenty of people took their frustrations to Twitter. One person wrote, "One of the contestants on Jeopardy! today is named Alexa and our 'Alexa' is going nuts," while another wrote, "Every time Kennings says 'Alexa,' my echo is activated," and another said, "Omg. Watching Jeopardy! and one of the contestant’s names is Alexa. Every floor of my house is freaking out anytime @KenJennings calls her name!"

In fact, so many people tweeted about the issue that Amazon chimed in, responding to one complainer, "Hello! We're sorry for this inconvenience! If needed, you could temporarily mute your Alexa device."

Alexa the contestant also tweeted, saying, "Thank you all for the well wishes tonight! Also, if you're complaining that your Amazon device was set off tonight - I can't do much about that."

Unfortunately for her, but likely to the relief of many viewers, Alexa was not victorious and won't be on again.