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Chase Rice Says It 'Scares' Him To Start Writing Following His Latest Album

Photo: Getty Images

Chase Rice admitted that it “scares the sh*t” out of him to start writing new music after delving into emotional stories and personal memories on his latest record, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell. But that didn’t stop the country hitmaker from getting started.

Rice posted a photo on his social media channels on Wednesday evening (May 24), sitting outside in front of a fire with a can of beer and his guitar. He wrote in his caption: “Just tryin be real with y'all, starting the writing that's gonna follow the I Hate Cowboys album scares the sh*t outta me. Tonight's a good place to start. I love y'all, and thank you for loving this new music. It's helping me through a lot of sh*t right now. I feel like it's about to get even more real and personal, I hope y'all love it, it ain't the most comfortable but damn it's fun.”

I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell is a project that Rice released earlier this year, serving as a tribute to his late father, Daniel Rice, whose photo appears as the album’s cover art. The photo captures Rice’s father on a trip to Wyoming in the 80s, wearing a cowboy hat and holding a beer in each hand. Rice, who released a heartfelt song in his father’s memory on the 15th anniversary of his passing, deemed the project “the best album of my career.” He’s sharing what it was like to bring it to life in a 10-part docuseries, which premiered earlier this month.

“It's very, very personal to me with these songs,” Rice previously told iHeartRadio, before releasing his 13-track album, “and much more vulnerable than any other music I've made.”