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AMY'S BLOG: Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

It is not easy to stay on track Super Bowl parties with all the wings and cheese dips and cookies. So be the person that shows up with the healthy stuff that actually tastes good and others will actually like. They don’t even have to know it is “healthy” because these recipes are that good.


1. Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Dip — this is a GO TO at my house. I make it all the time and use it for appetizers or just to put on toast or eat with veggies. You would never know it was vegan. I swear. (Recipe)

2. Buffalo Cauliflower— anything with buffalo sauce is good but it usually means eating buffalo wings. For those who want to stay vegetarian but still indulge in buffalo sauce (and ranch). I have the recipe for you! (Recipe)

3. Holy Fudge Black Bean Brownies— do NOT let the black beans scare you! These brownies are so addicting. They are gooey, chocolaty GOODNESS. (Recipe)

4. Veggie chips with hummus— Any hummus will do (I have an awesome carrot one a few blog posts back) and zucchini chips instead of regular chips. You can use any vegetables—beets, kale, sweet potatoes. Just thinly slice whatever veggie you are using and it is the perfect chip (Recipe)


5. Roasted carrots with turmeric (and more hummus!)