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AMY'S BLOG: I’m Not A Regular Mom…I’m A Cool Mom…That Wears An Anklet!

Yep…shout out Mean Girls…because I’m a cool mom! I’ve got two precious kiddos coming my way via Haiti and I’m now ON TREND {which = cool} with my new anklet.

My friend Kelly…who I go to for all things fashion…got me the sweetest gift as I venture into motherhood…a custom anklet that says “mama”…and I LOVE IT. Kelly runs VELVET’S EDGE and one look at her site…you’ll agree with me that she knows what she’s talking about. I’m normally six months to a year behind certain trends, but thanks to Kelly I’m right on time with anklets.

If you don’t have one yet…check out these cute + affordable ones from Forever 21 or if you have some extra money to spend…there’s some pretty amazing ones by Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry…that’s where Kelly had mine custom made and HELLO I’m feeling super special now knowing what Kelly shelled out for my “mama” anklet…dang girl…makes me never want to take it off!!!! But y’all we are all about ballin’ on a budget…Kelly too…so just find whatever works for you…and get a bracelet for your ankle ASAP.