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AMY’S BLOG: “What The Heck Is Amy Dropping In Her Water Now?” – Bobby

Y’all. I’m a weirdo. I now carry chlorophyll drops in my purse and I put 18 drops in my water twice a day. It turns your water dark green and tastes…um, special?? first…but now I don’t even notice the taste. It’s totally fine.

I try to do whatever I can to be in preventative mode with my body. Think: proactive…not reactive!!! My mom had cancer and it’s one of the most difficult things…scratch that…IT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING…I’ve ever seen someone go through. That said…I really try to do big and little things that might keep me from enduring anything similar to my mom.

I reached out to my adorably, geeky scientist friend…Kelly LeVeque…who also happens to be a celebrity nutritionist (@bewellbykelly on social) to break down the benefits for us:

“Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants used for photosynthesis- it is a natural cancer preventer that protects DNA by binding to toxins and keeps them from being absorbed, it also prevents the absorption of afalotoxin-B which is a toxic mold. You can think of it as a protector.

Speeds up wound healing and known for preventing constipation. 

And vanity wise: preliminary research shows chlorophyll benefits the metabolism and increases the likelihood of success with weight-loss efforts. There's been some data to suggest that liquid chlorophyll promotes red blood cell production, which means it also may help promote oxygen delivery to your skin improving tone.”

Ok. There you have it. Here’s a link the drops I’ve been using if you want to snag some for yourself!