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AMY’S BLOG: IF You Have No Make-Up Skills…WATCH THIS…

When it comes to make-up + fashion…not my wheelhouse. I mean…I can get by…but when I need to step it up in life…I call upon Kelly from VELVET’S EDGE.

She’s the real deal. Beautiful. Talented. A good friend. Savvy business woman. If I need make-up help…Kelly. If I need to be styled for an event…Kelly. If I need to know what’s in style before it’s even in style…Kelly. I could go on and on. Because we are friends…I have the luxury of simply shooting her a text like: “Is this outfit cute or U-G-L-Y??” which is awesome! But because I respect her many talents…I also hire her to help me out when I need to step up my game.

And even though I can text her + hire her…I still frequent VELVET’S EDGE because it’s any easy way to stay in the loop. I highly recommend you do the same if you need help with FASHION + BEAUTY + LIFESTYLE + TRAVEL + FITNESS + SHOPPING GUIDES {I legit order from her guides…makes shopping so easy!}

Kelly has being doing my styling + make up for a while now…but a lot more lately because of my weekly NASHCHAT gig + we just had a show photoshoot. Because of that…we’ve had some requests for a make-up tutorial. Well…ask and you shall receive!

Watch the full tutorial here!