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AMY’S BLOG: When Apps Spy, I Get Cute Clothes + Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I said out loud to my friend: “Why can’t I ever remember how to make good hard boiled eggs?? I have to google it every single time.”

Then…about 30 minutes later I had to log into Facebook for something and an article popped in my feed that said “How to Boil An Egg Perfectly Every Time.”

Sooooo in case you were wondering…here is how to boil an egg perfectly every time:

-Put eggs in a pot and cover with water.

-Bring to a boil.

-Take off heat and leave the eggs in hot water…3 min for soft boiled, 6 min for medium boiled and 10 min for hard boiled

-Put them in an ice bath and there you go…the perfect egg!

Also…I was recently talking about a brand of clothes that I really like…and BOOM! the cutest outfit from THAT brand popped up on my Instagram feed as a sponsored post. I instantly sent a screenshot to Kelly {@velvetsedge} and she approved…so I ordered it for our Vegas iHeart Festival in September…whoop!

All this to say…spy away…I don’t mind.