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AMY’S BLOG: Adoption Update! We Got a Timeline For Bringing the Kids HOME…

4 years ago…we started the process of adopting two beautiful kiddos from an orphanage in Haiti. We’ve been on pins + needles the past 9 months waiting for an exact date to bring them home. Well…got emails yesterday from both our agency and the US Embassy. Whoop!!!!!! Sorta. As you can see below…but we are still very confused…conflicting timelines were given. I cut a bunch of stuff out and just got to the point with each one.  

From Agency:

“It sounds like you will be finalizing and bringing them home in September or at the latest October. Now is a good time to really start utilizing connections such as officials from congress, etc… to help push your case where ever they can.” 

From US Embassy:

“We are still generally seeing many cases work through the system in 6-8 months. However, a number of court personnel recently went on strike and I am hearing that it is affecting some of our adoption cases. Thanks, and please let us know if you have additional questions.”

So…there you have it…our latest “timeline” update…which basically means we could get the kids this Fall orrrrrrr Christmas time!!! Will they get to Trick or Treat or just leave cookies for Santa???? Or will they get here just in time to graduate high school???? We shall see. Haha. Ok. Not really laughing…but I kind of have to at this point. 

Oh…and if anyone happens to know anyone that might have connections at the US Embassy in Haiti…hook a sister up! ;)

See Amy's full adoption update from the show this morning below!