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AMY'S BLOG: Got Acne? Need A Tan? Try This!

I posted this picture on Instagram last night and saw some comments asking what acne cream + self-tanner that I use.  So…here you go! 

Acne Cream/Spot Treatment:

I’m obsessed with this Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I typically buy it at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters but it’s also on Amazon. I apply it with a q-tip. I put a dab anywhere I have a blemish or anywhere I THINK I might be getting a blemish…which sometimes leads to dots ALL OVER MY FACE. Haha.


I have two self-tanners that I use. I like them both. Just depends what I have in my cabinet. This first is St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and I highly recommend you get the Applicator Mitt that they also sell to make things nice and even and OFF your hands.  I also am a fan of this organic sunless tanner: BEAUTY by EARTH. I just use my hands to apply that one!! The organic one is cheaper and doesn’t require a mitt…so start with that one if you’re on a budget…you just have to apply a couple of nights in a row to get the color that you’d get with one application of St. Tropez.