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It’s #JOYWEEK and I’m sitting here overwhelmed by YOU…our amazing listeners!!!

#PIMPINJOY is proof that good can come from bad, if we allow it. The roots of #PIMPINJOY start at the single most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life: my precious mom’s battle with cancer. If you don’t know how #PIMPINJOY came about…you can learn more about it HERE but for the sake of this post, I’ll share this quick part of her story as it pertains to the immense amount of gratitude I personally feel during times like #JOYWEEK: 

During my mom’s third diagnosis, she immediately wanted to go to the chapel at the hospital to pray—and her prayer was selfless and simple: “Lord use this cancer for good.” There was more to her prayer for sure. But that was her plea in a nutshell. Well…because of #PIMPINJOY, my mom’s prayer was ANSWERED and it CONTINUES to be answered, OVER and OVER again, every time YOU help us spread joy. 

Maybe you’re choosing JOY for yourself.

Maybe you’re doing something kind for another person. 

Maybe you’re purchasing some #PIMPINJOY gear because it just makes you FEEL happier!

Whatever you’re doing…THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart…thank you. 

I wish my mom was alive to witness the good that came from her battle…but the fact that my sister and I get to see all of this…it’s good for our souls.

We launched our NEON #PIMPINJOY line on Monday with a goal of 50k to St. Jude for the whole week! Well, on Monday we hit 50k…in one day! AMAZING!!! That’s seriously impressive and 100% all the credit goes to you guys. It’s a testament to just how giving you are and that you trust us…which means the world. 

Being that we hit our goal for St. Jude, all proceeds from #PIMPINJOY have now shifted to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts—and man are people in Texas going to need all the help they can right now and in the coming months.

Can I just say that I am personally so thankful we have something like #PIMPINJOY that allows us to rally together and help others in times of crisis?!! Thank you for trusting us, supporting our efforts, and spending your hard-earned money to join us in helping others. Every new item we launch, we wonder if people will respond…and people do! Whether it’s someone’s first #PIMPINJOY item or their tenth, YOU GUYS show up and it’s just the best feeling ever. 

And gosh…while my mom’s cancer motto of  ‘choosing joy’ and her Twitter handle (@judybepimpinjoy that we randomly chose while in the waiting room at MD Anderson) inspired #PIMPINJOY…Bobby is the one that created the hashtag…and then Meri + The Shop Forward helped us create an actual brand…we have only awesome quality products + amazing customer service because of them!!! Hands down #PIMPINJOY would not be what it is without Bobby, Meri, The Shop Forward and our entire show that has a desire to use our platform for good. So to Lunchbox, Eddie, Ray, Morgan, Mike D, Morgan #2, and former show members that have played a part in growing this movement…THANK YOU. 

It’s so much easier to SPREAD JOY together. I never thought in my wildest dreams that we’d have the ability to make a difference the way that we’ve been able to AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT…so one last time I just want to say: THANK YOU. Thank you for being apart of answering my mom’s simple prayer.

Wherever you are, and whatever is going on in your little world, I hope you find some JOY this week.