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AMY’S BLOG: Why I’m Jealous of My Niece…

My niece is now a freshman in high school and basically getting to live out my “Hunger Games” fantasy AT SCHOOL!!!

 If you’re not aware…I was obsessed with the Hunger Games books when they came out. Bobby was obsessed too…so I convinced him…along with the rest of the show + my family…to reenact the movie trailer to the first Hunger Games movie.

Anyway…my sister sent me a sheet of what my niece will be “graded” on for this “Wilderness Survival” class that she’s legit getting school credit for:

  • Edible/medicinal plants
  • Primitive hunting techniques (throwing stick, traps and snares, bow/arrow)
  • Review of survival shows and movies (i.e. Survivor)
  • Tracking water / building fires
  • Make a Survival Kit

Um, so cool. Where were these classes when I was in high school? I would have gotten an A. Because hello…I am Katniss. 

What is the weirdest class you ever took?? High school or college?????

I took “power walking” my junior year of college. Easiest 3 hours I ever earned. 

P.S. If you are looking for a good series of books to hunker down with…and you missed the Hunger Games craze…it’s not too late…start reading them!!!