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AMY'S BLOG: Fresh Home From Haiti...I Need Parenting Advice!

My trip to Haiti this weekend was thankful that I went!! However...when I'm down there for two days and just thrown into parenting...I realize that I have so much to learn! Below are some little things I encountered this weekend...not huge deals...but I'd love any advice or tips you have for me!

Is there another word I can use besides "NO" because I said that a lot this weekend?

I'm a cool mom (see above...I let the kids jump on the bed) but I guess I was also saying “no” so much that both kids made fun of me. Here's a video of my son mocking me by saying: “no no no no no!” I want be a cool mom...not a "no" mom...but so many things require a NO haha. Is there  another way for me to "spin" the word no?

Water consumption rule before bedtime???

I love the sound of “Mom! Mom! Mom!”...but I was woken up many time in the middle of the night this weekend by my son saying “Mom, Mom!” because he had to use the restroom. While, I didn’t want to be woken up...the sound of him saying “Mom!” made it all okay and totally worth doing whatever he needed me to do...buuuuut let's be real...I will get over what is the cut off time for water leading up to bedtime?

What is "time-limit" for YouTube watching and best way to take phone away?

My daughter is obsessed with YouTube! Specifically "America's Got Talent" singing videos and really any Justin Bieber song. She loves to watch anyone sing! It's super cute to watch her get all into it...but YouTube is a rabbit video after the next. She was getting way too much screen kept having to take phone away...but then she would pout and get really dramatic when I took the phone away...which would make me feel bad. 

First, I don't know what the time limit should be on watching little singing videos on YouTube? Second, what are some ways to take away the phone in a manner that doesn't cause so much drama??

If y'all watch this video below ...def watch the whole thing so that you don't miss her shoulder shimmy!!!!! 

Any tricks to get picky eaters to eat vegetables?

My son loves veggies and fruits. My daughter...on the other hand...not so much! She takes one took one look at stuff like that...makes a weird face...and then reaches for the bread. All she ever wants is bread + pasta + sometimes meat. 

I know she'd like some things if she just gave them a shot...but I don't know how to convince her to try. Any tips?