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AMY'S BLOG: Adoption Update... Maybe Christmas?!

Y’all. I am feeling so confident that we will get the kids before Christmas. OMG. If this actually happens...arrive during the coldest time of year...they will not even know what to think!!! Also...we spend Christmas in Colorado with family so they will see snow for the first time in their little lives...they might die. So exciting.

Anyway...crazy to think that we could be full-time parents in about 2 months (not that crazy considering we’ve been trying to adopt them for 4.5 years). I feel like every time I go down there to visit that I’m just “playing mom” for a couple of days and then I leave. I seriously CANNOT wait to PLAY MOM ALL DAY ERRRRRY DAY. 

I don’t believe in jinx...but really hope I don’t regret saying this on air...knocking on wood...not that I really think that works either...but whatever.

Here’s what was shared on air:

Amy - Christmas with Kids