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Amy Talks Eating To Survive And Trading Workouts For Baths On Podcast

4 Things with Amy Brown Episode 16

Manifestation & Faith. Eating to Survive. Time Management Tips. Skip the Gym for Bath Time? 

1st thing: Manifestation is something that Amy never thought aligned with her faith, but has come to realize that visualizing what you want to achieve things in life makes sense. 2nd thing: Amy gives a call to Bethany Ugarte, the woman behind, to talk about her near death experience with IBS and importance of watching what you eat. Bethany is now dedicated to helping others and has a loyal following on Instagram (@lilsipper) because of her creative recipes and tips. 3rd thing: As much as you might think Amy has everything together… she doesn’t. Currently she has 136 unread texts, 2,565 unread emails, 20 missed phone calls, and 19 voicemails. With zero time management skills, she thinks it’s time she gets her life together and finds some tips we all might find useful! 4th thing: With so many things on your to-do list you might not have time to get a work out in. Amy’s advice: take a hot bath instead! Not only will you be relaxing, but you’ll also be burning off extra fat. 

Thing 1: What you think about, you bring about!

Amy got the inspiration to discuss this after listening to Oprah’s Master Class with Steve Harvey. In the podcast, Steve explains a time when he wrote down he wanted to be on TV in class. His teacher told him that it would never happen, yet here he is on TV 7 days a week (ever since, he’s sent her a TV for Christmas).

After some reflection, Amy realized that manifestation does not get in the way of her faith. In fact, having a positive mindset leads people to be more appreciative. She mentions how choosing joy helped her mom throughout her cancer treatment (which helped start #PIMPNJOY) and how on Bobby’s podcast, Dierks Bentley used the same mindset to get his jet!

Just like the placebo effect, manifestation is definitely a good thing. In a previous episode, Dr. Lewis explains that when a patient starts to feel better after taking sugar pills, they are doing so because they are in the mindset that what they’ve taken is working. Applying this concept to our everyday lives is just one way to help us focus on our goals!

Still not sure how to start manifesting? Amy tells us to write ‘four things’ we’re thankful for before bed. It can be as big or as small as you want! Be sure to use the hashtag #4ThingsGratitude and tweet her @RadioAmy!

Thing 3: Amy’s a Hot Mess!

Amy reads one of your emails and explains just how much of a hot mess she actually is! Even with an assistant she can barely figure out how to have calls and meetings. With so much on her plate, Amy seeks the help from Forbes to give you top ways to manage your time better.

Amy emphasizes that before you can manage your time, you have to see where it’s being wasted. Downloading an app like Rescue Time, can help you see what areas you need to work on. She also lets listeners know that working on your MITs (most important things) in the morning, will be more efficient.

If these tips don’t speak to you, Amy leaves us with a quote from Mark Twain:

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, then you should do it first thing in the morning. If it’s your job to eat two frogs, then it’s better to eat the bigger one first.”

**(Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in the making of this podcast.)

Thing 2: Minimal Ingredients for Good Gut Health!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, commonly known as IBS, affects the lower intestine. This makes it difficult for a person’s body to digest food and overtime can weaken both the mind and body. Beth Ugarte went to numerous doctors who could not pinpoint the reason for her skin flare-ups (there are so many skin diseased after all), so she reached out to a holistic doctor. After puree’ing food for nine months, Beth was finally starting to gain weight and feel stronger. During this time period, she began to look into which foods are labeled as ‘healthy’ by the FDA that are actually not.

Now, Bethany has her own site and Instagram (@lilsipper) centered on simple recipes that are for easy digestion and a cleaner way of living. Bethany is a big critic when it comes to fad diets, so you can be sure that all of her recipes focus on ingredients to make sure only healthy options are going into your body.

If you’re craving a healthy alternative to Girl Scout cookies or are craving sweets, you can check out Bethany’s site for more recipes on how to live counting-calorie free lifestyle. Amy recently made the butternut squash fudge which is sugar, dairy, nut AND coconut free!

Thing 4: Bathing is the New Working Out!

If you think baths are just for kids - think again - they can be a game changer in your weekly routine. According to an article by Dr. Mark Hymen, a hot bath can give the same benefits as a workout. Both activities raise your body temperature and trigger your body’s anti-inflammatory reactions. This process helps lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers!

Amy swears by this recipe created by Dr. Mark Hyman:

  • Hot Water
  • 1 to 1 ½ cups Epsom salt
  • 1 to 1 ½ cups Baking soda
  • Optional: a few drops of lavender oil (Amy loves this!)

This mixture allows the body to absorb magnesium and stimulates alkaline’s balancing effects - both of which help with sleep. Go light up some candles and throw on some slow tunes before bed. This self-care moment will help you feel well-rested in no time!

If you want to know another way to get a good night’s rest, listen to Amy talk with Adam Bobo, on IV Drips and B12, here.