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Amy Gets Shamed By Cashier For Buying Out A Product

Amy found a product that she's obsessed with at a local store in Nashville. The product is so popular that it really doesn't stay on the shelves for a long time. Amy called up to her store that carried the product and they confirmed they had a few in stock so Amy immediately drove over to get them. They only had 8 of them there, but Amy wasn't going to drive back later so she wanted to go ahead and buy all 8 knowing she would use them within the week.

When she went to purchase them, the cashier immediately shamed her for buying them out of the product. The cashier told Amy that it was a popular product and many people would be coming up to look for it. While the cashier didn't say 'exactly' that Amy should put some of the product back for other customers, the person was definitely hinting in that direction. It made Amy feel really bad, but she went ahead and bought them all anyway.

Listen below and see if you think the cashier was in the wrong or if something else should have happened.

Amy Shamed By Cashier

Photo: Getty Images