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Someone Recognized Amy's House From A TV Show

Recently Amy of The Bobby Bones Show was at home with her children when someone rang the doorbell. She was going to ignore it, but the person kept ringing and her children really wanted her to answer it. So she went to the door and the person waiting was someone there who said they were excited because her house was on a TV show and they wanted to see if all the furniture was still the same inside.

Amy was a bit weirded out, but didn't think much of it. Eventually the person left and they went on with their lives. She shared the story with the show and Lunchbox told her that he thinks that person and the people in the car were scoping out Amy's house. Scoping out meaning checking it all out and were going to come back later to try and steal things.

As of right now, Amy isn't sure if her house was on a TV show or if something bad was going to come of it. Only time will tell. Listen to the whole story below!

Amy House On TV Show