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Amy's Son Wandered Ahead Of Her, Gets Stopped By Stranger

Amy was walking with her friends and her son Stevenson was riding his electric scooter along with them. Sometimes while walking, he ventures ahead of them a bit due to being on an electric scooter. But every time he goes ahead, he waits at the corner for mom and her friends to catch up. At one corner, a stranger came up to Stevenson freaking out. The stranger asked where his mom was and why he was 'alone.'

Amy shortly walks up and tries to interrupt the conversation and the stranger abruptly goes "i'm looking for his mom" without giving Amy a chance to talk. When Amy had a chance to speak, she said she was his mom. Because the two are different colored skin, the stranger didn't really understand at first and then spouted off somewhat of an apology. Listen below for Amy explaining how the whole thing went down.

Amy's Son Wanders Off