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Amy's Son Asked Stranger Why He Was In A Wheelchair

Amy's son is at the age where he's very curious about everything. Add on to the fact that he's only been in America for a little over a year now, he is even more curious than the average kid at his age. He was out with his parents when they ran into a person who was in a wheelchair.

Stevenson went up to the stranger and asked them why they were in the wheelchair. Kids are used to not having any filter, where as an adult couldn't have gone up and asked the question without upsetting the stranger. It ended up being a great learning lesson for Stevenson as the stranger shared they were in the wheelchair because they were in a car accident when he was younger and wasn't buckled up. It was all around a good experience for Stevenson to have, although a bit awkward to start. Listen below to Amy explain how everything went down.

Amy Son Asks About Wheelchair