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Amy Gets Honked At By Car In Front Of Her While Driving

Amy's Bad Driving Situation

Amy is known for her bad driving with the guys of The Bobby Bones Show. They have taken rides with her in a variety of situations, from her own car in Nashville to others' cars in cities they've been visiting. Almost every time there is a story that comes out about Amy's driving. She's also shared on the show that she's had some weird accidents by herself that her husband has been upset at due to them being preventable. To all of them, her driving is "scary."

Recently, Amy was driving in California in her friend's car when she got honked by the car... in front of her. Apparently, Amy had her brights on because she wasn't quite sure how to work the car. After realizing the car in front of her was honking and waving at her, she looked at the car to see that her high beams were on.

She ended the whole conversation with the guys by saying, "next time you need a ride, let me know!"