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Amy's Son Takes Some Words She Says Super Literal

Amy's Son Words

Amy's kids are doing extremely well in working on their English since they got to the United States from Haiti over a year and a half ago. The language barrier between Amy and her husband with the kids has gone down especially over the last couple of months. The kids rarely use their native language Haitian Creole anymore and their words are becoming more and more clear.

One thing though that's been difficult for Amy's son Stevenson is metaphors and exaggerations. He takes all English words very literally right now as he's still learning. Recently she said the phrases "you're on fire!" after he did good on a project, and "i'm dead right now" after a long day. Stevenson took both things she said very literal, running to Amy's husband to take care of Amy.

Amy says she has to be super careful about the words she choses for awhile until he understands everything isn't meant literally!