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Amy's Kids Are Determined To Be Good Swimmers

Amy Kids Swimming

Amy of The Bobby Bones Show's kids are now a year and a half in of being home since their adoption from Haiti. Amy and her husband are actively watching the kids to see what sports or activities they will be picking up as they continue to try things out.

Right now, they're doing swimming lessons. Amy's son is determined to pass his swim tests, because he really wants to be able to swim at the YMCA without his floaties. Amy's daughter is a fast swimmer and is already dominating. Despite growing up in Haiti, they never really spent much time on the beach or in the ocean so swimming is fairly new to them.

Also about the kids, Amy shared that they do talk with their kids about adoption and it's a constant conversation including them praying for their moms back in Haiti every night. She said they are also becoming more open to her and husband, Stevenson says "I love you" all the time, but Stachira is still working on saying those words to her parents.