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Amy's Daughter Asked To Go To Church Camp, First Time Away From Home Alone

Amy's Daughter Church Camp

Amy's daughter Stachira has been in the United States for about a year and a half now. She's grown accustomed to certain things in the lifestyle of America over her home Haiti. There are a lot of things she has also picked up on that she enjoys doing. One of those is going to church and recently she asked her parents if she could go to the church camp their church was offering.

Of course Amy and her husband were thrilled about her wanting to go, but this meant Stachira spending a few nights away from home and without a phone. This will be her first time away from her parents for that long, the most she has currently done is one or two nights. And with that, she's had her phone watch to use to call her family whenever she was sad or needed something.

This is a huge step, but Amy and her husband didn't want to say no because Stachira was so excited about the camp. Here's to hoping it all goes as good as possible!