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Amy Felt Like A Bad Parent After Son's Shrimp Situation

Amy Bad Parent Situation

Amy revealed that she had a recent situation with her son that made her feel like a really bad parent. They were about to eat dinner one night, Amy had cooked shrimp for everyone after the kids had eaten it a few months back and liked it.

After the shrimp was done, Amy's son Stevenson told her that he didn't want to eat it. He said last time the shrimp gave him a stomach ache. Well in natural parent mode, Amy thought he was just trying to get out of eating that specific food. She forced him to eat it and shortly after he started swelling up. Turns out Stevenson is allergic to shellfish, or at least that's what they're thinking now.

She felt bad though because Stevenson tried to warn her that they didn't make him feel good, but she made him eat it anyway. Turns out though, parenting mistakes like this happen all the time and we had several parents confessing online their own mishaps.