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Amy & Her Husband Fight Over French Fry Debacle With Son

Amy and Husband French Fry Fight

Amy and her husband are working on teaching their son and daughter all kinds of lessons and manners that they never had a chance to learn in Haiti. With the kids being in the United States about a year and a half now, they're really starting to understand a lot of the cultural concepts, manners, and values that are held by their family.

Amy, her husband, and their son Stevenson were at dinner with some friends. They got french fries for the table and when they arrived, Stevenson put his hand in the bowl touching almost all of the fries. Amy's husband was next to him when he did this and told him that he shouldn't reach in without a spoon, and he shouldn't touch all of the fries. Because of this, Amy's husband told Stevenson he had to eat all of the fries that he touched. As a lesson to know that he shouldn't do it again. Amy was talking to her friend when she overheard what was happening and because of her being so health conscious not only for herself, but with her family she didn't like what was happening. She didn't want Stevenson to eat as many fries as he would have had to with her husband's lesson. Amy chimed in and said no fries at all.

This caused a fight between Amy and her husband because he thought he handled the situation, then Amy jumped in to argue it and it all happened in front of their friends. Amy did apologize later for the argument happening 'in public,' but they both still feel like they handled the fry situation with their son the best, respectively.