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Amy's Daughter Can't Wait To Go Back To Church Camp

Amy's Daughter Camp

Amy's daughter Stachiara went away for the first time since she's been in the United States. The only time she's been away from Amy and her husband has been during an evening out or with another family member. Church Camp came up during a recent Church service and Amy's daughter really wanted to go.

They thought this would be a great opportunity for Stachiara to make some new friends and learn more about their faith. Her wanting to go was a great thing, despite how nervous Amy and her husband were about sending her away. They told Stachiara she could go. The church camp was from Saturday to Tuesday and while the kids were there, they were not allowed to have their cellphones.

Stachiara just came back from the camp and immediately asked her parents "Can I go back?" While she says she really didn't make many friends, she said the activities were really fun and getting to do karaoke on the stage with some other girls was her favorite part.