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Amy’s Kids Switched Things Up, Now In Gymnastics

Amy's Kids

A listener called in to The Bobby Bones Show to ask Amy how her kids were liking the dance lessons they were taking. Amy's kids, Stachira and Stephenson, were taking ballet and hip hop lessons; but their package they were paying for just ended. She asked them if they wanted to stick with dance or try something new and both kids wanted to try something new.

Since Amy's kids were in the orphanage in Haiti for so long they didn't get much opportunity to try new things. So Amy and her husband are trying to give them as much opportunity for new experiences to let them do whatever they want to try! At first, Amy's husband was a little hesitant about their son dancing and trying ballet but if Stephenson wanted to try it they weren't going to stop him.

Both kids loved dance but have now decided to try gymnastics for the summer! Amy said we'll see how long they want to stick with this activity but she's happy they're open to new experiences and are having fun doing it!