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Amy & Her Son Got In Huge Argument Over "Ma'am" & "Sir"

Amy Fight

Amy is learning to be a parent as she goes. Her kids have been in the United States for 2 years now. And sometimes being a parent can be challenging. Amy’s son Stevenson was having respect issues and was being really defiant. She ended up taking away everything - his tablet, the television, even his book so that all he had to do was sit there. It got to a point where she said “Stevenson, you’re sitting here and writing yes ma’am 50 times." She feels strongly that her kids need to answer adults with a yes ma’am or no ma’am and yes sir or no sir instead of the way they’ve been answering people. She said even fun people like Bobby, who her kids think of as an uncle, that come into their home, the kids still have to be respectful to them.

At the end of the night Stevenson was still sitting at the kitchen table writing. He started to get bored with it so he took the pen and started writing on the kitchen table, which naturally made Amy furious. She made him take a break and face the wall, because she wasn’t sure what else to do to discipline and get her point across. She asked Stevenson if he understood why he was facing the wall. He finally admitted to writing on the table, but not on purpose. He later admits to doing it on purpose, but when Amy asked if he was ready to finish writing he said “yeah” instead of “yes ma’am”. So he went back to facing the wall again. When Stevenson was done with his 50 phrases Amy asked what he learned from this, and her couldn’t give her an answer. So she made him write 50 more times to hopefully get the point across.

Finally when he was done with the 100 he told Amy he learned that to say yes ma’am!