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Amy Talks Seeing Texas Sign In Honor Of Her Mom In Texas Monthly Feature

The Texas Optimism Project interviewed Amy for a feature in Texas Monthly on grief and everything behind PIMPINJOY.

Amy divulged the full story behind her mother Judy and her battle with cancer. She talked on how her mother chose joy through grief and thus PIMPINJOY was born through her. She shared that listeners of The Bobby Bones Show were becoming invested in her mother's battle after her talks on the radio. After this, she started a Twitter account to continue updating people on the journey and then PIMPINJOY hats became a thing through Amy and Bobby via The Shop Forward.

Amy also shared a story about how the iconic restaurant El Arroyo, most known for their jokes and puns on signs, had changed their sign in support of her mother and PIMPINJOY.

Check out the full feature and videos on here.