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Amy Wants To Get Tandem Bike For Her Husband As Gift

Amy Husband Gift Idea

Birthdays can get more difficult the longer you're in a relationship. By a couple years in, you've already purchased things you've wanted together or you've exhausted all of your partner's favorite items to gift them. So as time goes on, people have to get a little inventive with gifts.

Amy had idea for her husband's upcoming birthday gift. She saw a couple riding a tandem bike in her neighborhood and thought it looked so fun. She thought it would possibly be a good idea to gift it to her husband and it's something they can do together. The Bobby Bones Show discussed and ultimately Amy was told not to do it, 2-1. Bobby and Lunchbox said her husband would not like that. They can rent one and try it once, but other than that... no way. Eddie on the contrary says he would love if his wife gifted him a tandem bike.

She concluded that she only needed one person to affirm her decision so she wanted to go ahead with it. However, though Bobby ended it with "I know your husband, he wouldn't like this" so only time (or Instagram) will tell if Amy follows through with her gift idea.