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Amy's Daughter Threw Away Nike Shoes & Amy Made Her Pay It Back

Amy's Daughter Shoe Situation

Amy's daughter Stachira went to church camp recently. She had a great time and it was her first time going. Her parents helped her pack two pairs of shoes, one pair of Nikes and one pair of $10 shoes. Amy told her to use the $10 shoes when she was doing messy activities.

Stachira ended up not listening to her mom and wore her Nikes for some muddy activities. When she got home from church camp, she threw away the Nikes because they were all muddy. Amy was upset that Stachira didn't listen to her and wore the Nikes regardless then threw them away. So Amy made her daughter pay her for the Nikes to teach her about the difference in brands and why she should have listened.

Lunchbox argued with Amy saying she has to do a better job of teaching them about the differences in brands and these things due to their situation, but Amy came back saying she did explain and yet Stachira did not listen to her.