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Amy Lost Her ID While On Vacation And Had To Fly Without It

Last week The Bobby Bones Show was on vacation where all the members of the show traveled with their families across the country. Amy, her husband, and their two children went to Colorado to visit Amy's family! While visiting, Amy said they all went out to dinner and she had her drivers license in her pocket. At some point on the way back from the restaurant to where they were staying Amy lost her drivers license. She tried retracing her steps, calling the restaurant, calling the police and no one could locate the missing ID!

Fast forward to the airport, Amy and her family are getting ready to leave Colorado but she has no form of ID to show the American Airlines ticket counter. American Airlines was able to issue her a boarding pass without an ID but told her that any bags she wasn't checking were going to get thoroughly searched. After sweet talking TSA to let her through without an ID, Amy was taken into a back room where a female police officer searched her and her bag while her husband and kids waited outside. Amy was finally able to get through security but wants to give some advice to anyone in a similar situation:

  • Be nice and calm, airport security has a protocol to follow and they're doing the best they can
  • Think of anything you have with your name on it because the more you can prove that you are you the fastre the process will go
  • And lastly, be honest - they're only trying to help