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Amy's Son Got Tickled By Stranger At Restaurant

For whoever needs to hear or read this, Amy is issuing a PSA to humans about going up to young kids. During The Bobby Bones Show, Amy said that her and her husband were out to dinner at a restaurant with their kids when a man started tickling her son.

They were all waiting to be seated by the hostess and Amy and her husband were standing their talking next to the kids. Amy said the next thing she knew, her son was laughing uncontrollably. A stranger that was sitting next to Amy's family had begun tickling her son. She confessed that she couldn't hide the surprised expression from her face, because the guy quickly offered up the explanation that he has 3 kids and this always makes his kids laugh.

Amy says that was the end of things, but she said on the show that this is a PSA to parents and people, don't go tickling random peoples' kids that you don't know.