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Jon Pardi Hilariously Goes Off On Family Feud Loss With Amy At Baby Shower

Jon Pardi was part of The Bobby Bones team on Celebrity Family Feud that just aired on Sunday, July 21st. Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Jon Pardi, and Lauren Alaina all participated on the team and they were all disappointed with the end results: they lost.

There was some controversy during the show and everyone on the team kind of thought that they got screwed at the end. They were asked to name something that is worn above the waist and starts with the letter B. Well apparently the show was looking for the word "Blouse" to be correct, but Team Bobby Bones answered "Baseball Hat." Jon Pardi is particularly mad about it and voiced his frustration when Amy ran into him at a baby shower.

Pardi can be seen in Amy's Instagram Story video saying "Look around! Do you see any blouses? I don't. I see like 10 baseball hats though!"