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Amy's Husband Had Uncle Rico Moment Over Racquetball

Amy's husband Ben was really having those Uncle Rico vibes when racquetball got brought up into the conversation. Bobby Bones was over at Amy's house for a BBQ when he told Ben that he had went to play racquetball with a friend, but that friend wasn't a good competitor. Ben said that he was actually really good at racquetball, and he would be willing to play.

Ben also brought up that he's been wanting to go workout at Bobby's boxing gym. So the two talked about boxing together, and competing in racquetball. When Bobby told Amy that Ben had said he was good at the sport, she was shocked. Despite being married for several years, she had no idea her husband had any racquetball skills. Apparently, he played it a lot growing up so not only her husband was good at it, but her father-in-law was too. He went a little 'Uncle Rico' =mode when he was bragging about how good he used to be.