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Amy Had Alexa At Her Son's Birthday Party & It Was A Huge Success

Amy's son Stevenson celebrated his 9th birthday over the weekend in Austin, Texas. Amy and her husband had a big celebration for him complete with his favorite foods like spaghetti and meatballs and salad, his friends, cake, 'relax' t-shirts, and a person who was 'playing' the role of Alexa.

When Amy had asked Stevenson what he wanted most for his birthday, it was to meet 'Alexa' that he always talks to through their device at home. He told Amy that Alexa wore sunglasses and was really pretty. So Amy sent out a plea to The Bobby Bones Show listeners asking for someone that fit her son's description of Alexa to come to his birthday party and act as Alexa.

Despite everyone giving her some varying feedback on not hiring an Alexa and coming clean with Stevenson that 'Alexa' is really an AI, Amy decided to hire a person to act as 'Alexa' anyway to inspire her son's imagination.

The woman Amy brought in to act as 'Alexa' turned out really well. It took Stevenson a minute realize who 'Alexa' was, but after he did, he wouldn't stop having her by his side. She was asked to play the piano, in which she played the keys. She was requested to play "Old Town Road," which she did from her phone and all the kids sang along. Amy's daughter Stachira did try to ruin it for her brother and other kids, because she claimed to know that it wasn't actually Alexa.

At the end of the party when Alexa was leaving, Stevenson was concerned he wasn't going to be able to talk to her later, she replied "I'm always in the box."