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Amy's Kids Danced In "The Git Up" Music Video

Blanco Brown's "The Git Up" has been making the rounds on the Internet for the songs catchiness, but also because he introduced a modern line dance with the song. It's been awhile since a new line dance song has come onto the bar scene.

He posted a video of "The Git Up" along with how to do the dance correctly. Bobby Bones and Caylee Hammack even participated in #TheGitUpChallenge showing them doing the dance with a cameo of creator Brown coming in at the end. Now Brown is shooting the actual music video for the song and he invited Amy's kids to be in the video. They had to learn "The Git Up" dance beforehand and even got paid for being in the video.

Amy says despite her son being the big dancer between the two of them, her daughter was the one who got really into it. She says that her son might have gotten some stage freight and kept sneaking to the back of the dancing group during filming. He told Amy afterwards that he didn't know why he kept doing it.