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Amy's Son Got A Birthday Gift From TJ Of Brothers Osborne

Amy is neighbors with one half of the country duo Brothers Osborne, TJ Osborne. TJ is often outside and will see Amy's kids hanging out or scooting around on their scooters and bikes. They've all become good friends with TJ and can't say enough good things about him.

The other day Stevenson was outside playing when TJ gave him a really cool cowboy hat. He came running inside to tell Amy that TJ had given him his hat. So she posted a picture on her Instagram of Stevenson in the hat, asking TJ if he really gave Stevenson the hat or if he was just saying that.

TJ responded on the Instagram post saying, "I 100% bought it for him! It looks as awesome on him as I hoped it would."

We love everything about this friendship. Plus, Stevenson in a cowboy hat is just too cute for words.