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Amy Fell Asleep At Nail Salon, Then Woke Up To Wrong Paint Color On Toes

Amy Nail Salon

Amy doesn't get much time to herself now that she's working more than ever and a mom to two kids. She had some free time to go to the nail salon and get her toenails painted, but she was exhausted.

She was sitting in the chair getting her toes done and she fell asleep. Before falling asleep though, Amy gave the woman a color she wanted to paint her nails. It was a white color called "Funny Bunny" to match her fingernails paint color. When she woke up, the lady had painted her toenails the wrong color despite Amy telling her what color before she had fallen asleep. Amy didn't know what to do because she thought she shouldn't have to pay when it was wrong, but she also blamed herself because she fell asleep.

Amy ended up asking them to paint them the other color and paid for the time there.