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Amy's Son Whistles From Porch At Cars That Drive Too Fast In 'Police' Mode

Stevenson Polices Cars

Amy's son Stevenson has wanted to be a police officer pretty much since he's been in the United States almost 2 years at Christmas of this year. He's interacted with several police officers who have let him get into their cars, look at all of the things on their belts, and play with handcuffs.

Stevenson is definitely excited about the idea that he could be a potential police officer one day. Amy's talked about her son's love of the police force on The Bobby Bones Show and some really nice fans have sent in police gear from various places for Stevenson to have and use. There was a police whistle in one of the packages and now Stevenson likes to sit on the porch at their house and act as a police officer. He will patrol cars driving by, if they're driving by too fast he whistles at them.

As his mother, Amy just wants to make sure people know he's not in distress. He's on his own patrol and watch out on the porch. She lets him sit out there by himself as not to disturb the 'watch' process, but she's always checking in on him.