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Amy's Trip To Haiti Got Cancelled Again

Amy has a lot of special connections to Haiti. It is her two kids birth place and she has a lot of ties to local charities in the area through her work with PIMPINJOY, Shop ESPWA, all around The Shop Forward connection.

They have been trying to go to Haiti at least three times in the past year. Amy and her friend Meri have been wanting to go down and check on some of their projects they've been working on. However, it turns out Haiti is very unsafe for Americans to travel right now. There is a travel advisory as there have been many kidnappings of Americans amongst other things happening down there.

So the Americans Amy knows down in Haiti have been communicating to her and told her it's probably not best to come yet. Amy was really bummed at the news, but she knows it's selfish if she goes knowing the safety concerns because it isn't a necessary trip. She just has as very special connection to Haiti and wanted to spend time there again.