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Amy Debating On Letting Her Kids Watch "The Cosby Show"

Amy's kids were born in Haiti and are still adjusting to life in America almost 2 years later.

They face cultural changes daily, but are making huge strides in developing their English. Amy and her husband are always trying to find ways to make them feel more and more comfortable with their lives here. Like allowing them to be involved in any and all extracurricular activities, and watching shows that they can relate to.

Just recently, Amy's daughter started watching Friends and she loves it. Amy loves it because it has become a time for her to bond with her daughter.

There's a show that Amy wants to allow her son and daughter to both watch because she thinks they can relate to it on many levels. That show is "The Cosby Show." But after all of the news came out about Bill Cosby and the guilty verdict, Amy wasn't sure if she should let her kids watch a show that he was on and named after.

Most people said it's fine and she can separate the two from each other at this point, others said there is plenty of other content out there for her kids to consume that they can relate to and this show isn't one of them.