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Amy Took Her Kids To Their First Arena Concert

Amy and her family had a super eventful weekend (October 13). They had a friend in town so they did all kinds of activities. They spent the weekend with other friends, going to the movies complete with popcorn and icees, and they all went to the kids' first arena concert.

Thomas Rhett had a concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Saturday night (October12) so Amy, her husband, their friend Meri, and the two kids went to see Thomas Rhett's big show. Amy documented the night on her Instagram stories. She showed that the kids thought it was way too loud so thankfully the help desk at the arena had earplugs and the kids both put them in.

Rhett brought out Little Big Town for a surprise appearance, which was a very exciting moment for the adults. The kids got really tired towards the end of the concert since they weren't used to being out so late.

All in all, the kids loved the music and the experience.