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Amy's Daughter Accidentally Took Knife To School

Amy's Daughter - Knife To School

Amy's daughter Stachiria is 12-years-old. She's still learning certain customs of America and how things work, especially when it comes to school. Amy told a story on The Bobby Bones Show about something that happened recently at school with Stachiria's lunch.

Apparently, she packed her lunch for school and decided to bring a mango. With that mango, Stachiria knew she needed a knife to cut it open. She didn't want to bring a plastic knife, so instead she brought a kitchen knife with her. As all parents know, you can't take knifes to school as it could be used in a dangerous way. The school saw Stachiria with her knife and she got taken to the office. Amy had to go up to the school and talk to them. She admits she felt 'stupid' for not knowing her daughter tried to take that knife to school.

In the future, Amy plans to help Stachiria cut up her mango at home before school so it doesn't happen again.