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Amy Didn't Want Daughter To Dress Up As 'School Girl' For Halloween

Amy's Daughter Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. Amy's kids are determining what they're going to be for the big trick-or-treating event, but it turns out one of their choices is a bit off for Amy and her husband.

Stachira originally wanted to be a vampire/Dracula type situation for Halloween, but on one of the TV shows she watches a girl is a "school girl." So Stachira wanted to change things up, she told Amy and her husband that she wanted to be a school girl for Halloween, but the both of them immediately thought no. Amy and her husband think school girl costume is about "sexy school girl" like Britney Spears circa 2009 in her "Baby One More Time" video.

Amy brought up the topic on The Bobby Bones Show and they all found a compromise for Amy and her daughter. They decided to have her be a conservative vampire school girl. Combining all the good parts into one costume.