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Amy's Son Dressing Up As SWAT Member For Halloween & Wants To Carry His Gun

Amy's son Stevenson is very interested in uniformed men from police officers to SWAT members, he is all about learning their jobs. He has shared before that he wants to be a police officer one day and every chance he gets, he goes up to them on the streets to hang out with them.

Stevenson even loves to shoot his nerf guns and bebe guns at home. Amy says they've taught him very great gun safety with these toys, but despite that, she doesn't want him to bring any of his guns with him to be part of his SWAT member costume for trick-or-treating. Stevenson was super disappointed by this decision and doesn't understand. Amy brought the story to The Bobby Bones Show and Bobby disagreed with her. He said that Stevenson should be able to bring his gun with him, he's a kid and it's obviously Halloween night.

After bringing on some callers, ultimately Amy was swayed to change her mind about letting Stevenson bring one of his guns with him for his costume.