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Amy's Husband Had Melanoma On His Face

Amy Husband

Amy's always open about her dedication to the health and wellness of her life, not only of herself but also of her family.

On her 4 Things With Amy Brown podcast, Amy always talks about different health trends and how she tries to stay in the right lanes of wellness and balance. But health doesn't always just mean fitness and eating healthy, it also means taking care of yourself by going to all doctor's appointments. She shared on The Bobby Bones Show that her husband recently found out he had melanoma (skin cancer) on his face. The news came after Amy kept urging her husband to go get checked for a certain spot on his face that she didn't think looked right.

Since finding out about the spot, Amy also shared that he had a surgery on it to get it removed. However, it will take a few more procedures to get the melanoma completely gone. She says for the time being he has to wear a patch on his face.