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Amy's Son Made Fun Of Her Always Holding Her Back

Ever since Amy fell on black ice getting out of her Uber at the Nashville Airport back in February of 2018, she's had chronic back pain. After a couple of months, Amy realized she was dealing with a lot of pain in her back and tracked it back to that moment at the Airport.

At the time, the fall didn't seem to be much of an issue, but now in November 2019, Amy is still dealing with serious chronic back pain. She often walks around a little hunched over and holding onto her lower back. She does this at work and at home, but most people understand there's a lot of pain happening. Amy's son Stevenson started taking notice of Amy's consistent move and made fun of her. He even started to reenact Amy's moves. Amy started filming and you can see Stevenson bending over holding his back and he keeps repeating the words "my back."