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Amy's Daughter Accidentally Tried On Another Customer's Shoes At Target

Amy's Daughter At Target

Amy and her daughter Stachira were shopping at Target and the two of them were trying on shoes.

An awkward situation happened, but if you've ever been to the Target shoe department, you could see how it would happen. Amy was on another aisle and Stachira was trying on a pair of boots. Stachira came up to her mom and showed off the shoes she had on, but at the same time, a woman started freaking out in the shoe department. The other woman customer couldn't find her shoes that she walked into the store with.

Turns out, Stachira had put on the woman's shoes, not new shoes that were for sale at Target. Amy at first felt immediately uncomfortable, but her daughter was very matter-of-fact about the whole situation and kept saying "How would I have known?"

They both apologized to the woman and continued about their Target shopping. And anyone who has gone shoe shopping knows a situation like this is pretty easy to have happen.