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Amy Questions Whether She Should Honk At Police Officer At Light

Amy brought up a recent situation she faced with a police officer, but she wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

She was sitting a light and in front of her was a police officer, but as soon as the light turned green, the officer didn't move. Amy shared on The Bobby Bones Show that she normally would honk at someone if they're sitting at a light and don't realize it turned green. She says it's a friendly honk, but a honk nonetheless. Amy felt that she couldn't do that to a police officer though, so she ultimately decided to just sit at the light.

Amy brought up the situation on the show because if she found herself in the same position again, what she should do. Most people said it's fine to give the officer a friendly honk, but others said the police officer may get upset. We had a police officer even call into the show and say that she'd be totally fine if someone did that to her, but on a bad day, she might reversely pull them over in case they needed her.