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Amy Didn't Make 6/10 Free Throws So She Had To Chew Everyone's Gum

Amy told The Bobby Bones Show that back in the day during middle school, she was the queen of free throws. She said that when she played basketball, the coach would put her in just to do free throws.

Since her bringing this up, the show put her up for a challenge. She had to make 6/10 free throw shots at Vanderbilt University. This morning, she attempted the challenge. Amy had to make 6/10 free throw shots, if she made 6, then Bobby Bones would buy her two kids a pair of shoes. If she didn't make the shots, she had to eat gum after Bones, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Morgan2.

She started off decently strong, but after attempting 10 shots, Amy only made 4 of them. After missing 6 shots, Amy went back to the studio and the loss of the challenge took place. Bones, Lunchbox, Eddie, and Morgan2 all chewed an individual piece of gum for 10 seconds, then they were all put together into one chewing gum piece for Amy to chew for 10 seconds. She completed her losing side of the challenge.